More About Us

Project Initiative and Purpose

The Safe House was opened to meet the growing needs of abandoned orphans and motherless babies, children of all ages in the area. Starlight is set up to admit children irrespective of their gender, race or special educational needs the centre will provide a safe, loving and caring environment for these children, to help them grow in the hope of securing a promising future for them.

Still under 18 and still within the legal orphan category, Starlight will help grow all the children in their care till they are at the point they will be able to go into the society and fully fend for themselves given the guidance from the safehouse various programs etc.

Educational support, HIV and Aids, information provision, referral services, nutrition support, psycho-social support, recreational activities and social welfare/support. Also, in a situation where the Centre felt unable to provide or make availability to any specialist help required. Starlight Safe House will nourish and develop the needs of children.

Our goal and vision ultimately are to promote a healthy Living and learning environment where each child is secure in knowledge that they are unique. To aim to develop awareness and appreciation of each other despite race, culture, religion, or way of life. Monitoring individual child’s progress is essential to ensure that all children make sufficient progress in all curriculum areas. The Safe House will encourage children to recognise their own unique abilities.

Our service includes Motherly love and care for all children:

  • 12 months – 4year: We will take this age group and care for them while awaiting approved adoptions were we will let them go to their new homes.
  • 4 -18years: Should they not find a home we will happily continue to care for them as they start their preschool, and we will ensure we help lay a solid educational foundation for them.

Overall Objective

  • To provide a shelter a home for abandoned orphans and motherless babies.
  • To provide counselling, motherly care and education for its children.
  • To counsel, encourage and care for unwanted pregnant girls and their babies.
  • To organize educational and health related programs for reintegration.
  • To make available a secure place were orphans / semi orphans / helpless children can enjoy their childhood and help them become useful members of the society by offering basic education.